Exhibition: May 3-15, 1995



Netherlands Embassy and Bilkent University


This exhibition, which brings together 12 artists from different generations and countries, aims to bring artworks together with a wider audience by going beyond traditional exhibition spaces. The majority of the artists in the exhibition do ‘space arrangement’ (installation), in this exhibition they prepare their work for the station spaces. These spaces, which will be placed in the station platforms, waiting area, entrances and other areas alongside the Gar Gallery, vary from sculpture to video. The video of Vahap Avşar, one of the artists in the exhibition, which is shot 360 degrees in the hall of Ankara Station and shown on the television in the waiting room of the station, takes the viewer to the GAR in a time tunnel.
* This article was prepared for the exhibition “We were talking on those times” and translated. (SALT Galata, 2012; SALT Ulus, 2013). Source Link: https://saltonline.org/media/files/o_zamanlar_konusuyorduk_scrd-1.pdf